Saturday, July 28, 2012

Barnes & Nobles, Stockton, CA, Reading

Family, family, family! I was touched, amazed and overwhelmed by unexpected cousins and aunts gathering to support me at the recent Stockton signing. Several I hadn't seen in over a decade. We did a lively group hug and then they proceeded to buy over a dozen copies of Hey Little Baby between them.    It felt like a dozen conversations going at once in trying to reconnect with everyone. It was beautiful.

The reading followed an ambitious and lively storyteller.  Local Barnes and Nobles fans are blessed to have her around for weekly stories and puppet shows.  She made the stories come alive with her enthusiasm.  She told me she always tries to get kids to jump up at least once, bringing them into the fun world of books.  She was a tough act to follow.

At the end of reading my book, I love to ask the children what they want to be when they grow up because the question relates to the theme of my story. One boy wants to be a fire engine--red, of course--and an especially enthusiastic girl wants to be everything!  This young lady also sat beside me and played the supportive hostess. I was delighted to have her assistance.

Sheri was a particularly efficient manager, setting me up with a table, pen and 'autographed copy' stickers for the books.  I look forward to returning for a signing of the sequel to Hey Little Baby, which is getting the final touches worked out now.  The store even had a cute cafe that served a wicked wild blueberry muffin.

Thank you to my family for the incredible support, Sheri for being an awesome manager, the reading audience, everyone who bought my book, and to my reading assistant who will be everything when she grows up.  You each made my day special and memorable.