Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Doesn't Suck

When I told my son that the new version of "Scout and Ellie" just might be funny, he told me I was pushing it. Well, I replied to my dry humor eldest child, what about if I declared it didn't suck? We deliberated. Saying it was great was vain and vulgar. Good, that's all according to opinion. Humor? Gracious me, that is way over the top in assumptions.

So we settled on 'it doesn't suck'.

I feel totally confident in that review of the new version.

And, I can tell by the edge of your seat stance you are taking, that you are wondering, dying to know, and heavy with anticipation what a new version of the boy and his elephant series is all about. I'll let you dedicated fans in on the fun of being me. Okay, here it is:

The old version used third person narrative. New version is first person talking/thinking.

Yep, there it is. The whole enchilada. Are you okay? Don't forget to breathe (if you don't breathe, you will die--I guarantee it).

Now I am going to bypass eldest child's warnings and say this: it is way more funny than the original!!! I was able to get into the character's head and talk and think and act like a ten year old boy!!! What could be more fun than that? It opened up the sky of humor writing possibilities like the first day of National November Write a Novel In a Month day (google their site for more info on that fiasco: NaNoWriNo). It was so danged much fun to write, I feel elephant giggles surfacing on my tongue at this very moment.

Hmmm, now you have me thinking about what else does not suck in this world:

  • my teenaged sons now argue without trying to kill one another--must be a sign of maturity
  • the sun has consistently risen every morning since I was born
  • Paul Newman now makes gluten and dairy free cookies just for my sensitive constitution--I don't even know him and he is that considerate!
  • down the street from our new house there are piglets for us to watch as they grow and not have to own one--cuteness boiled over three thousand times!
  • that no one in the world knows that I listen to Classical music in my car--wouldn't want anyone to know I am a true geek
  • my cats let me pet them
  • my dog  still thinks she has to protect me, even though she is 14 and can barely make it up stairs
  • okay, here comes the gushy one: I have friends who love me. Okay, I said it, no need to dwell on sentimental subjects
  • my parents are alive and healthy, and I like them. Even my grandmother is alive! And she could out-dance me at any moment
  • I have the most awesome aunt in the Universe. Don't be jelly, someone had to get her. Just happened to be the lucky one. 
  • Extended family is funny, supportive, great to be around, and a joy to be a part of. Don't make me name names--you know who you are.

There are more doesn't suck bullets to add, but the time has come to pick up the younger son.

Did I mention my winning the lottery two times by having two such wonderful kids?

Heather Leigh
proud author of books that don't suck