Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Different Outcome in 1492

In fourteen ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. And on that same day, Chief Trump had a Vision. What he saw filled him with fear and anger. So he called together the people of land. The Chief shared his vision of the future:

 Most of us will die. The land will be destroyed. Water will be unsafe to drink; air clogged in smoke.

The people huddled together, shrinking from this future.

Is there nothing we can do? They asked.

Already, the white masts of three ships containing religious extremists could be seen on the horizon.

And Chief Trump responded,"Yes, but we must hurry. Our only way out is to build a wall."

"YES! YES! BUILD THE WALL! BUILD THE WALL!" the people cried.

And so, they built a wall.

In twenty sixteen, the wall can still be seen. And on that same day, the ancestors of Chief Trump looked around. They saw a land filled with indigenous people. Rich soil, safe water, clear skies. A beautiful country.

Yes, now I see why European Trump supporters want to build a wall. They are afraid of what our ancestors did when they took over this country, will happen to them.

Heather Leigh,
understanding the wall

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Body-less Closets

I made the commitment to myself that I was finally going to do this. No more hiding, no more shucking around the truth of who I am. I'm coming out of the closet to reveal that...I see dead people.

If you know me personally and never were aware of my secret 'other' self, well there it is. Like a Disco Mirror Ball hanging on the ceiling of a cowboy bar, the song of my soul is shining out to be heard.

I assume that most everyone who sees those who have passed, experiences them in a different way. Twice I've seen ghosts with the sight of my eyes. The rest have been as a ...gosh how do I explain this. It will have to be through personal example. About a month ago, I was with a co-worker, and an image came into my head of someone with shoulder length gray hair, sitting on his legs with knees bent, sipping tea. When I told her what I was seeing, she informed me that was her father, who had passed away several years ago. I never knew that her father was dead.

In movies, ghosts are normally portrayed as something evil and scary. That's not true. It's like Hollywood has an anti-ghostism based on fear of the unknown. Or based on a greed to sensationalize the dead and attract movie goers. I'd form a Union for the misrepresented ghosts, but I don't think many people would see the members showing up. Plus, I don't think ghosts give a hoot what bodied people think about them.

There are other's out there who lay witness to the dead. I wonder how big that crowd of weirdos is. Many have already exposed themselves; the Psychic Readers that dot our cities with their signs are one such group. But what if I started a club of us Non-body Sight See-ers. How many would show up to the first meeting? If I look far enough into the future, I can imagine whole days of parades and festivities of Ghost See-ers Pride Day. I'll start working on a more original title for us now.

If you think it bizarre that I see these things, think of it from my end. It's like if your friend came up to you while we were talking, and you completely blew them off. I mean, we are talking total ignore to the ultimate in rudeness. Well, I'd be thinking, why doesn't she acknowledge her friend? Did they get in a fight or something? Sheesh, bad manners; not even an introduction.

And then I remember, oh yeah. We have different views.

So there it is. I've come clean. There are other things about me I have yet to reveal, but this was enough for now. Oh, and it's not something I see all the time. So don't come speeding over to my house, expecting me to talk with your dearly departed. I refuse to ask spirits to come for a visit. They have their own gig on their side of the divide. It is impertinent to ask them to stop by for a chat. Rather, they are like cats, showing up on their terms, or when we need them.

Have a great day and remember to say hello to the ghosts who visit you.

Heather Leigh,
author, and polite to the bodiless