Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Questions, Taunting, and Haunting

STOP! Before you go further in this read, google the microscopic water bear. Then come back.  I'll wait for you.

Chop, chop, pork chop, clocks a ticking.

Okay, now that you have seen the little sucker, are you with me on thinking this is one of the most bizarre things on earth. It has little hands, people! Besides food, what does it use those hands for? Does it pull it's mate in for spoon cuddling in the middle of the night? Does it wipe its mouth with a napkin after sloppy taco night? Sip lattes or hot cocoa? Does it care if its' gluten laden bread is non-GMO?

These are the important questions scientists should be asking.

Other important questions:
When you walk down a dirt road that has recently been laden with rocks to keep down the dust and mud, how many footprints are needed to smooth out that road? Where is the research on this?

Every Spring, I notice that the fir trees have neon green tips at the end of the branches. Is this from new growth that has not yet turned the dark, sullen green of the rest of the fir needles? Or do forest elves paint them as some kind of festival event?

Why are japanese maples pink, red and burgundy? Who gave them the go ahead to be a totally different color than the other trees? Was it some kind of favoritism by the Tree Goddess? Or did they win a tree coloring lottery when colors were being handed out at the beginning of the Age of Trees?

What does Ellie do in the next chapter of the latest Scout and Ellie book I'm writing? The circus is about to start, she and Scout are going to be performing a new act, I have to write about it, and she still
has not told me what happens. I mean, sure, she's given clues. But not the whole act. All I can say is, she had better do a darn good job of showing me what is happening, because I certainly don't have a clue. Elephants can sure be secretive and tricky to deal with. Am I right here, or what?

Why does warm apple cider taste even better when I'm writing?

Where are the people who are supposed to be giving me the answers to these questions that haunt me. Are they taunting me with their secret knowledge? Laughing behind my back?

Maybe I can get back at them by just not asking questions anymore. That would show those little secret  keepers. No, that wouldn't work. If I don't ask my questions, my mind will explode.

Or implode. Now which one is it?

Heather Leigh,
Tormented soul forever seeking answers to unanswerable questions.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Second Description of First Person

Okay, so in my last post, I let you know the joy, the thrill, the bliss obtained from switching a story (Scout and Ellie) from third to first person. And, while I know you were all excited as my cat used to be catching songbirds before I put bells on her collar and ruined her fun, I thought that perhaps I did not describe why the change was so fun.

Because I am able to get inside Scout's head. Got to wedge my way in there, 'Scout' around so to speak. The dialogue is now from the boy. That means, no holding back, no wondering what comes next or what he could possibly be thinking. No, I am in that mind of his just listening and typing away what I hear.

Ever see that movie, 'Inside John Malkovich'? These elderly people find a way to live forever inside of John's brain. They will never die. Kind of weird for John, but whatever. I think they find a way to compensate him. Anyway, these people get to hang out for the ride and watch life through someone else's eyes for as long as he lives. Cool, huh?

So, I get to do this with Scout. But the extra cool thing is that if he does something I don't want to, then I can give the big Presidential veto and change the direction of the story. Right in mid-sentence. Snap, snap, snap.

And for you non-writers, you, let me tell you that most of writing feels like you are a fly on the wall, watching what is happening in the story, rather then making it up on my own. At least, when I am in the flow of the story it happens that way for me. Can't speak for others.

Which, by the way, is why I have a difficult time hearing people around me when I am in the middle of writing. It's because I am not here anymore. I am visiting imaginary people.

Hmmm, somehow that sounds like I have split personality disorder. Maybe, but I'm pretty sure I don't.

So, I get to experience life as a ten year old with an elephant living in his backyard. They do crazy, fun, wild and sometimes a bit mean stuff. They do things, have parties, go places--and I get to do all of this in the comfort of Scout's brain. I get to live two lives at once!

Now are you getting the emotions I'm getting here? Living two lives at once. Wow.

I'm totally thinking that Scout should go on vacation, perhaps a cruise to Hawaii. Mmm, I can feel that tropical sun beating down on me right now.

Heather Leigh
(aka the passenger in Scout's brain)

Friday, April 3, 2015

First Person Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo! Oh, the thrill of changing text from third person narrative to first person is simply indescribable fun! Am I right, or what? Oh, wait, not every one who read this is a writer. Some people may think this is a boring, dull, no-big-deal thing do be Woo Hooing about.

But you are so wrong.

I mean, what could be more fun than completely re-writing a hundred page, middle-grade humor story so that the narrative comes from the kid? No weird, bizarre background voice telling you what is going on. This is from the source talking, people. Oh, don't you understand the thrill that I am talking about here?

It's like right up there with the time the son of Evil Kinevil rode his bike across the Grand Canyon!  Yeah, like that. If you don't believe me, than go buy it on Amazon. The book is called 'Scout and Ellie' with a picture of Scout and Ellie, the elephant, having a tea party in her front yard. I just now got it all posted up proper like on Amazon--available in Kindle and paperback format.

So am I manipulating this blog into a way to sell my new story? You betcha. Cause it is way more than good enough for me to feel 100% comfortable in doing so. It's like that.

What other things are this good in life, you ask? What else do people woo hoo about? Here is a partial list:

Calling Obama and telling him his refrigerator is running and he had better go catch it.
Finding 23 cents in the dryer--it really doesn't matter the amount, I just love when I get paid to do my own laundry.
Good hair days on date night and then having the wind destroy your look. Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

I'll have to think of more good things in life later. My son is home sick and I need to get videos to him. Oh, so I guess when he is feeling better, that will be something to Woo Hoo about.

"Scout and Ellie, The Birthday Party" Check it out. It really is a woo-hoo good one for 7-9 year olds!

Heather Leigh