Friday, April 10, 2015

Second Description of First Person

Okay, so in my last post, I let you know the joy, the thrill, the bliss obtained from switching a story (Scout and Ellie) from third to first person. And, while I know you were all excited as my cat used to be catching songbirds before I put bells on her collar and ruined her fun, I thought that perhaps I did not describe why the change was so fun.

Because I am able to get inside Scout's head. Got to wedge my way in there, 'Scout' around so to speak. The dialogue is now from the boy. That means, no holding back, no wondering what comes next or what he could possibly be thinking. No, I am in that mind of his just listening and typing away what I hear.

Ever see that movie, 'Inside John Malkovich'? These elderly people find a way to live forever inside of John's brain. They will never die. Kind of weird for John, but whatever. I think they find a way to compensate him. Anyway, these people get to hang out for the ride and watch life through someone else's eyes for as long as he lives. Cool, huh?

So, I get to do this with Scout. But the extra cool thing is that if he does something I don't want to, then I can give the big Presidential veto and change the direction of the story. Right in mid-sentence. Snap, snap, snap.

And for you non-writers, you, let me tell you that most of writing feels like you are a fly on the wall, watching what is happening in the story, rather then making it up on my own. At least, when I am in the flow of the story it happens that way for me. Can't speak for others.

Which, by the way, is why I have a difficult time hearing people around me when I am in the middle of writing. It's because I am not here anymore. I am visiting imaginary people.

Hmmm, somehow that sounds like I have split personality disorder. Maybe, but I'm pretty sure I don't.

So, I get to experience life as a ten year old with an elephant living in his backyard. They do crazy, fun, wild and sometimes a bit mean stuff. They do things, have parties, go places--and I get to do all of this in the comfort of Scout's brain. I get to live two lives at once!

Now are you getting the emotions I'm getting here? Living two lives at once. Wow.

I'm totally thinking that Scout should go on vacation, perhaps a cruise to Hawaii. Mmm, I can feel that tropical sun beating down on me right now.

Heather Leigh
(aka the passenger in Scout's brain)

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