Friday, April 3, 2015

First Person Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo! Oh, the thrill of changing text from third person narrative to first person is simply indescribable fun! Am I right, or what? Oh, wait, not every one who read this is a writer. Some people may think this is a boring, dull, no-big-deal thing do be Woo Hooing about.

But you are so wrong.

I mean, what could be more fun than completely re-writing a hundred page, middle-grade humor story so that the narrative comes from the kid? No weird, bizarre background voice telling you what is going on. This is from the source talking, people. Oh, don't you understand the thrill that I am talking about here?

It's like right up there with the time the son of Evil Kinevil rode his bike across the Grand Canyon!  Yeah, like that. If you don't believe me, than go buy it on Amazon. The book is called 'Scout and Ellie' with a picture of Scout and Ellie, the elephant, having a tea party in her front yard. I just now got it all posted up proper like on Amazon--available in Kindle and paperback format.

So am I manipulating this blog into a way to sell my new story? You betcha. Cause it is way more than good enough for me to feel 100% comfortable in doing so. It's like that.

What other things are this good in life, you ask? What else do people woo hoo about? Here is a partial list:

Calling Obama and telling him his refrigerator is running and he had better go catch it.
Finding 23 cents in the dryer--it really doesn't matter the amount, I just love when I get paid to do my own laundry.
Good hair days on date night and then having the wind destroy your look. Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

I'll have to think of more good things in life later. My son is home sick and I need to get videos to him. Oh, so I guess when he is feeling better, that will be something to Woo Hoo about.

"Scout and Ellie, The Birthday Party" Check it out. It really is a woo-hoo good one for 7-9 year olds!

Heather Leigh

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