Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Research Stresses

Now that I am inspired by the toddler muse I saw walking at the mall, I've had been doing my research for Toddler Season.  It is intense, timely and demands concentration and tremendous effort.

Yesterday, at the home of a member of my critique group, we got on the floor and went through the processes that lead to a child first walking.  We rolled from our bellies, kicked our legs, rocked our bodies while on hands and knees, pulled ourselves up on the coffee table, grabbed for everything we could reach, and then, finally, ventured out into walking for the first time.

And then, after dinner, my family and I watched you tube videos of babies learning to sit-up and stay up!  It's a big deal--all that balancing.  And a bit of a shock to suddenly see the world, on your own, from higher than when then lay on the ground level.

Those babies sure are cute.

So it's been rough, all this baby movement study.  But it will all be worth it when Toddler Season comes out and parents can share the joy of the achievements their child is going through.

Heather Leigh

P.S.  Don't let anyone else know that writing for children is actually really fun.  Then everyone will want to do it!

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