Saturday, September 7, 2013

Friendly Plankton

Being back in San Diego has brought a fresh appreciation for warm weather but the epitome of the loveliness of this place was discovered last night when we went to La Jolla Shores to see the illuminating  water.  I don't know how often this takes place, but on occasion there are plankton close to shore that as they die in the water, they illuminate. From our perspective on the shore line, we see the crashing of the white water with a neon glow.  There is a gentle casting of aquamarine strewn in with the whiteness.

There was no moon, so the stars were especially abundant.  The combination of the glowing whitewater and starry night allowed for a more clear view of the occasional seagull, returning to his nesting ground.

As the air has been hot from Santa Ana winds, the water was so warm it could hardly be felt as we stood there getting wet up to our knees.

I was surrounded by friends, my boys, and their friends.  The boys skimmed boarded and even body surfed without being able to see their feet with out the sun to show them.

It was one of those nights in which conversation was not needed or desired.  One of those occasions that will be recalled with the phrase, 'remember that night we watched the illuminating waves?'.

While I loved many aspects of the Pacific Northwest and will miss the constant beauty, there are some really awesome things to be appreciated in my hometown: old friends, happy children, warm weather, and dying plankton giving light to warm waves.

I am thankful to have discovered a new thing in my old town.

Heather Leigh

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