Friday, October 4, 2013

Writing Perks

I'm learning how to write a how-to ebook for Kindle.  It will be a must have for massage therapists wanting to get in to the spa business, which was my career for almost a decade before dedicating my life to the joys of writing full time.

The teacher is unbelievably awesome. She seems to know everything about the subject and is constantly giving creative examples. Every class I feel like my brain is going to burst with all the stuffing I've tried to do to it.  And she remains perky and alert through the entire class. She was a NFL Cheerleader, so that attitude must be ingrained in her.

Although the class is too late in the evening for me to share her perkiness, I am excited with what we've been learning.  There is information on researching keywords, formatting the book, covers, marketing, and how to make everyone want to read what I have to say. Who wouldn't want to listen?

This is what I love about writing: no matter how much I learn, there is always some new genre or way to write to be explored.  The potential is boundless.  And not just new genres, but just plain being a better writer is a life time process. The more I learn and practice at this gig, the less I feel I know.  There is always more to learn. It's the kitten tail chase that never gets less cute.

Now you are on the edge of your seat with bated breath awaiting the release of this book (two cliches in one sentence--I am writing at my best tonight!). I know because an ex-NFL cheerleader is teaching me how to make you want to devour every work I put to print. Calm yourself, it will be about a month before it is ready on Kindle for only $2.99.  I'll send you a Save the Date for publication and we can celebrate its release together. Until then, go back to breathing and feel compensated in the fact that I will still be blogging and you can purchase one of my other extraordinary works of literary art--right now!

Keep reading,

Heather Leigh

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