Thursday, May 8, 2014

BIG Questions

There is a small bird perched on a street lamp outside my window. His song is a sweet chirp that is amazingly loud in comparison to his tiny size. How do birds chirp so loudly when they do not seem to have the lung capacity to make enough for anyone to hear them more than a foot away?

Another question for you that can never solved: on what day did my boys go from being in need of a hug every time they scraped their knee to becoming Freshmen in college and high school? This is one of the great mysteries of life, never to be solved by any parent in the Universe.

What happened to the days when the most passionate discussion in our house was whether or not the Incredible Hulk was a legitimate Superhero. Can anyone tell me?

Okay, I'll quit with the nostalgia whining.  Here are some more questions that have stumped me but perhaps you can answer:

Why has Alan Rickman not asked me out when I have told all of my friends that he is my movie star crush. I mean, what other hint does that man want?

How is it that Harper Lee was able to write one book, To Kill A Mocking Bird, and retire in Hawaii from the profits? Has anyone else ever done something so clever in one shot?

Why are we still using cars rather than a huge network of mass transit? Am I the only one who gets that traffic sucks?

Why do people say that cats are aloof and impersonal when mine YELL at me for attention every night. They are so demanding--you wouldn't even believe it.

How can an ex-boyfriend send one silly little e-mail to say hello and make me realize that I still like that big old stupid jerk. What the heck is up with that?

Why is the sky blue? Okay, just had to add the obvious question.

Who invented chocolate covered caramels and where can I send my eternal gratitude for this godly treat?  And did you know that now they offer it with a touch of sea salt? Where are these genius candy makers?

Why have I never met a leprechaun? Do they really store their gold at the end of the rainbow? What about when there is a double rainbow--are there two pots of gold?

Has anyone done a truly thorough search for unicorns, dragons and fairies to be sure they are really gone from the earth? It is a worthy quest.

Anyone have any answers for me, please let me know. And, if you have any questions for me, post it on my face book.

Heather Leigh

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