Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wisdom to be Passed

Of all the stuff that I did not learn in high school, typing is not one of them. I suffered through the excruciating pain and endless monotony of pressing the same key repeatedly for half an hour at a time. Did I really go through that? This is back in the age of BK (aka before key board) (aka typewriter). And my mother, after a life time of leaving me alone to choose my own electives and classes through out the precious schooling years, insisted that I learn to type.

And, of course, after witnessing the struggle and agony of two-finger typists, I have to bow down and say, thank you, mother, you were right.

Which leads me to reflect on other wondrous opportunities of learning that have been plunged in my path.

My father's first driving lesson was the ability to steer with my knees. This is of vital importance so that I could hold my cigarette in one hand and coffee in other. Unfortunately, I don't partake in either activity. BUT, in the case that I decide to start smoking with my morning smoothie, I will be ready. Thanks Dad!

The boys taught me the reason that choosing sides when kids fight is never a winner. They were in the car at the do-it-yourself car wash. After scrubbing on abnormally pink, bubble soap and rinsing away the built up grunge, I entered the car to find the youngest, then four, howling in pain. The oldest, then seven, looked guilty, scared and quiet. Younger blubbered out that the older had punched him. Now what would you think? After comforting my poor baby, I gave the older a stern talking to with controlled anger. Then I asked him why he had punched his little brother (poor little guy--punched by the big bad bully brother).

"He kicked me in the face," said older.

Slowly turning to younger, I asked for confirmation. There was an abrupt stopping of tears and a very slow affirmative head nodding.

Okay, so that taught me the Pandora's box that is flung open when making an attempt to find out who started the sibling rivalry fight. Just like the Law of Gravity, there is a Law of Blame that goes with every act of brotherly violence: the original perpetrator is always someone else. Don't try to understand how this can be, just accept the science behind the Law.

So here I am now, with all of this accumulated knowledge that is just itching to be passed on. Thank the God of Blogs for providing this easy way to pass on what I know to be true. The wisdom must live on!

Oh, and thank you to that typing teacher. Just imagine what it must have been like to be a typing teacher before the age of Bless you, oh Great and Patient One.

Heather Leigh

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