Monday, June 4, 2012

Tree House Children's Bookstore in Ashland, Oregon

What a literary treasure this bookstore is!!! A warm and welcoming staff, loads of books for children, and located right on the plaza in the beautiful town of Ashland.  I was delighted to be a part of this store's experience for an afternoon of signing and meeting both tourists and locals.

Lady Jane, the owner, is kind and fun with a magical charismatic air. To be around her gives the feeling of being cared about, and that there just might be some magic afoot in the neighborhood! She is the quintessential owner of a children's story place in a town that highlights Shakespeare.

Christina, worker extraordinaire, knows which book will please and interest customers of all ages. We got to chatting for a bit and discovered we had lived near each other in southern California, attended the same school, and even went to the same spiritual center at different times. It was like we were living parallel lives in a different time dimension--straight out of the Twilight Zone!

It was a wonderful visit as I was also able to spend time with long time friend, Kaiyo Racine, owner of Sacred World in Ashland.  Driving up the northern coast of California and then across the southern edge of Oregon is breathtaking in the beauty presented at every curve.

Great trip, great signing, great friends--new and old!

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