Friday, December 14, 2012

Kindergarten and Letting Go

Just dropped off the manuscript of my first ever, fully complete, Young Adult novel.  Filled with teens with telepathy, telekinesis, and extraordinary bravery. And, of course, a dash of romance. It was fun, demanding and emotional to write.

Now it's on to the next phase, that of being critiqued by my previous Creative Writing teacher, Dave Holper. It had been through the wringer with two critique groups and revised a million and a half times in the past year, so hearing what he has to say will be refreshing and scary.  Feels, almost, like the first day of kindergarten when my son left me alone for a whole seven hours.

That was an poignant day. The Kindergarten teacher gave us parents a baggie of kleenex for crying, chamomile tea for soothing, and a cotton ball to remember how soft and precious our little ones are--as if we needed reminding.  Then my son asked me if I was still there and left to play with new friends. Yes, that's about how it feels to leave behind the 185 page 'word baby' with Dave.

Soon I will make the revisions that Dave recommends and be ready for the next phase of letting go--publication.  They grow up so fast.

Guess I better go fix myself some chamomile tea.

Heather Leigh

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