Monday, November 19, 2012

Creating The Children's Story Place Blog

My aunt, Judy Ziegler, and I share a blog that posts free stories for children. She is a professional illustrator who has published children's books, designed nurse scrubs, and has her own line of doggie greeting cards (that's just the tip of the ice berg on the variety of work she's done!). I am blessed to be able to create stories with her, especially because one, she rocks and two, our styles compliment each others.

We started the blog as a fun creative outlet for us to do together, and as a way to provide entertainment for children.  Also, it gives readers the opportunity to know about our work.  Recently, we decided to turn the free on-line stories into self-published, paperback books.  Another exciting way for us to work together.

The self-publishing will be done through  They don't charge for the process, just take a percentage of each one sold. The books will even be sold on Amazon with a USBN.

Judy came up with the idea over a year ago. Slowly but surely, we've been writing and illustrating the stories in our spare time. Now we have twenty-four great and often silly stories for kids.  We just posted one about a bear who longs to fly and how he goes about getting what he wants. It's up there with the silly stuff.

I love that Judy and I have been able to do this together. And I'm lucky to have such a talented relative to work with!

Heather Leigh

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