Friday, November 16, 2012

Last Chapter

Today is the day. Today is the day that I will be putting the finishing touches on the last chapter of my first Young Adult Novel.  Since January, I have been discovering new characters: how they respond to situations, their personalities, what happens to them and how new friendships and love feels.  I've cried with them over deaths, laughed at silly jokes, and been swept away by what they've gotten themselves into.  It's going to be hard to let go.

Of course, I won't truly ever let go. Oh sure, I'll set the book aside as it is being critiqued by my friend and ex-Creative Writing teacher.  After his tough, enlightening comments, the characters and I will share some revision time together.  And then more revision episodes as it goes on to my agent and eventually (I hope!) to an editor.

But the intimacy will never be the same.  Soon others will be entering our land, our story. It will no longer be just me and the characters that I created--a clause here: I have two fabulous incredible critique groups who have also helped to mold this story.

So, please, Spirit Guardian of Writers, let this book be highly successful so that I can begin a part two of Emily Capot: Reader, Resister and Friend.

I'm off to write.

Heather Leigh

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