Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Do What You Want

The exciting thing about stories is that I get to go back and make them better.  In chapter five of the Y/A book I'm working on, Seamus gets caught by the NOW guards. Originally, it was just that he had been recognized by a guard.  But then I thought, well, that's boring.  That could happen to anyone.  But what if he...oh, I can't ruin the surprise of what he does to get caught, but it is more exciting and adds more tension than simply being recognized.

Until this story is published, I am able to change whatever I want.  Wouldn't it be lovely to have that ability in real life?  When a great comeback to a stupid joke comes after you've left the room, if you could do a rewind, then return with the smart reply that leaves your friends in laughter?  I know this is not a new idea, but it is a grand one.

Being a writer allows me to do revisions until the story is to my liking. I get to read it out loud, share with friends and critique buddies, create new outcomes or delete what does not work.  It is my creation, up for changing at the whim of my thoughts.

Then once the story is published, and I see what I would like to change, I can use what I've learned in the next story.  When I see that more setting, stronger character development, better timing, thicker plot, anything that could be improved, I can take those issues with me to the next story--always seeking to do better.

Just as my youngest son has told me, 'it's your story, Mom, you can do whatever you want'.

Heather Leigh

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