Friday, March 22, 2013

Hope > Fear

This post is not about writing.  It is a thought I had last night. The news stations post, for the most part, negative, fear-based situations.  They talk of people doing bad things, violence, scandals, all of the shadows that creep and lurk around us.  Their emphasis on the fears of life portrays the assumption that this is what their watchers are most drawn to--negativity.

But when I log onto my facebook, I am bombarded with inspirational messages from my aunt, a niece raising money for her school library, silly cat videos that bring me laughter, heartwarming stories of kids letting a mentally challenge schoolmate get in the final point for a game, all kinds of positive stuff.  I also get petitions to sign to let the government know what I want for the health of our country, children and myself.  And I love watching babies grow up of friends that live far away.

It is my belief that the television media is telling us that we love to listen to negative stories--that that is what sells.

But the organically grown, personal messages I get is that the love, hope and positive side of life is what we are really yearning for.  Beautiful connections that support a world community.

Hope is better than fear any way you can get it.

Heather Leigh

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