Friday, May 31, 2013

Animal Connections

Not only do pets tend to look like their owners, I believe they share characteristics of personality.  Girl is a large boned (aka fat) black with orange and beige interwoven into her thick longish fur. She has a natural gift for laziness, napping, and finding the prime sleeping locations.  There is nothing unusual in our household to have a cupboard open and see a large ball of fur glide out in search of another, more fulfilling sleeping place. She is the personification (catification?) of my love of rest.

At ten years old, Playful continues to live up to her name. Waking me at four in the morning as she tackles a bookmark, small toy, or my foot gives her no greater joy. After ensuring that it is not a mouse she is chasing, as has occurred before, I marvel at her dedication to play no matter her age. When she was younger, we put bells on her collar in an effort to quit receiving the gifts of half alive song birds she brought home. That cat represents the reason I have so many facial laugh lines.

Australian Shepherd, Sydney, is the household Queen of Drama.  You should see her tell people how she never gets enough attention, and the way she looks ready to die when left alone.  But her disposition is of the extreme opposite when I reach for the dog leash. Just going outside to use the restroom is of the same level of bliss as visiting Hawaii for a month.

Her extreme nature is also found in the attention she pays to anyone getting too close to me.  She is the self-appointed guardian of the bathroom door. If one of my boys tries to knock at the door, she'll growl and send them away. I've tried for years to explain that they are not out to attack their mother, but she does not believe me.

The cats I can see as parts of my personality, but the dog, well, I don't know. Maybe it's the side of her that is naturally beautiful, even as she is aging. Everyone who meets her oohs and ahhs over her gorgeous fur, lovely face, and friendly disposition. Yes, that must be it. It's our inner beauty that we have in common.

Definitely not connected in the Queen of Drama syndrome.

Heather Leigh

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