Monday, May 20, 2013

Cities Held In Check By Ocean Waters

The city sits behind me, straight lines of hot concrete, and the ocean is a straight line of blue in the distance, and white froth and movement up close.  Cities can press up against you, change their skyline, and intensify heat with wind-blocking buildings and hot tar streets.  Nature can be blocked, trees cut down, traffic incessant, and noise a constant.  But it all stops at the beach.

Swimming in the cold ocean waters is no longer inviting to me, having lived in tropical weather beach towns.  But opening up to the vastness of the sea while sitting on sandstone benches is a meditative treat.  I like the feeling that the man made stuff of cities is stopped by sand and waves.  Beyond a pier, a few boats and occasional ship, the backdrop of deep blue against the lighter blue sky is, hmm, wait, I can use the word of the day from my calendar, ineffable: to great to be expressed in words.

Yesterday, there was the perfect temperature blend from light breezes and warm spring sun, a rectangular piece of shade beneath a sign for our dog, Sydney, a high tide that brought in periodic waves over the lower rise of sandstone platforms, families playing in the waves and sand, and my boys laughing with their friends.

It was a good day.

Heather Leigh

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