Friday, March 21, 2014

The Insanity Of Writing

My friend, Melissa, told me that she loved that I was the ‘mad’ writer, sitting at home, writing away. She asked what inspired me. I asked what inspired her to own a day spa. She replied, “insanity”.
I took a step back in my thoughts and realized that it was the same for me. Writing as a profession is insane. I'm sticking my thoughts to letters on a keyboard and talking to people whom I cannot see—hoping or assuming that they will read it in the future.
Story writing is even more insane. Plucking words out of the air and making a story out of nothing. Following the lives of characters as if they were real.  Discovering plots and actions that are derived from nothingness and spitting them onto the page as though these journeys had actually occurred to real people. My characters have never drank a smoothie or read the newspaper or held someone’s hand and yet I listen to their conversations as though I were sitting at a table next to them, copying down tales of their lives.  Shouldn’t that be classified as psychotic?
If you are doing in your life what gives you pleasure beyond just working for a paycheck, then the same thing inspires us.  Of course, it is acceptable to keep your desire as a hobby and remain at the ‘day job’ to pay the rent. But partaking in your creative side is a must for your health, sanity and happiness.
The creative side does not have to be writing, or decorating a spa, or molding clay on a potter’s wheel. Cleaning houses is filled with beauty if you are imagining how the end result will be—the feeling of contentment that being in a house with everything clean and clutter-free is it’s own relaxation.  I used to love being a food server and bring people an hour of fine food and keeping their needs met.  But really, my guess is that most people have a creative side that they are ignoring.  Rip yours out of the dark hidden cave within and expose it to the light.
I was able to win the life-career lottery in that I found what I love to do before my life was over.  I wish you the same insanity.
Heather Leigh

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