Friday, March 28, 2014

Grateful For Writing Opportunities

Inkbok is launching today! Now, please don't mistake this blog for another commercial site, but their whole gig is another way for self-publishers to share their work and get paid for it. So, the real purpose of this blog today it recognition and appreciation for the many avenues that are now available for writers to support themselves by doing what we love to do--write!!  Here are examples:

Inkbok is like an on-line library ($5 bucks a month) that readers can go to and read any posted book. And there is a huge selection. I downloaded Red Nectar, and Scout and Ellie on there are few weeks ago. So, if you are a member, you can read my books and all the other listings whenever you want. They give the authors a percentage of the earnings. Also, the more people who click on books by Heather Leigh, more more money I get. Yowza!

Next is GoodReads--I love them! Members (this is free) get to read reviews posted by other readers so that they can know if a particular book is something they want to spend money on. And then you can also leave a review. There are book chats going on, and you can follow other readers that have similar taste.  Again, my books are on there so this gives me advertising and I can read the critiques about my books, helping me know what to improve upon.

Through GoodReads, I've also done two book giveaways.  Feels awesome to give away my books, receive reviews, and be promoting all at the same time.

Kindle and Amazon work together to offer discounts to people who buy both the ebook and paperbacks, further supporting authors.  In addition, I've done their promotions of free downloads and discounts to spread the word about newly published works.

CreateSpace is available to self-publish your book for free as a paperback. You spend nothing, unless you want to pay for extra services.  The books are available for purchase and are not put together until they are sold. They do all the shipping stuff.  You just promote and let people know about your books and where to find them. I know you've heard of social media!

There are other self-publishing sites, but I chose CreateSpace because they link to Amazon and offer a plethora of promoting tools.  Lulu is great for different formats of your book, like the old classic--the hard cover.

And I can't possibly leave out Facebook as a way to spread the news as to what I am up to with the book situation, as well as support other artists and writers.

This blog is a way for me to express my thoughts on writing, and stories that come up in my life.  It's a great way to share.

My aunt and I have a free blog with illustrated children's stories. She illustrates and I write them. It is our way of giving back to the community at large. Check it out with some kid you know:   There is a new one posted about Alexander Pig and what he is complaining about.  How fun is that, a free site for kids to read stories.

So, I say thank you, thank you, thank you for all the opportunities that are available for writers and artists in todays computer world.  It is a great time to be a writer!

Heather Leigh

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