Saturday, April 5, 2014

Deathbed No-no's

Ten things that I will not be saying on my deathbed:

1.  I am so thankful that I kept that hateful, dull, monotonous day job and gave up on my dreams.

2.  Thank goodness that I ignored my family in order to work to get more money and things.

3.  Friends are a waste of time.

4.  I am a better person for having stayed home to be comfortable and safe rather than experiencing risky adventures.

5.  Healthy eating should be followed strictly 24 hours a day and desert should be banned.

6.  Laughing so loud that my teenagers are embarrassed must be avoided at all costs.

7.  I never made a single mistake in my life because I never tried anything new.

8.  Smelling roses is a stupid idea.

9.  Pets are a nuisance that should not be bothered with.

10.  Life sucks.

Thought I would share what my life will not be all about at the end of it.  What will you NOT be saying?

Now, I think, my next post will have to be what I will be saying on my deathbed.

Heather Leigh

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