Monday, May 25, 2015

Fertilized Tree and Attic Birds

There is a maple tree on just about every front lawn in our new neighborhood. And guess which house has the energy swag to concoct the greatest amount of fresh leaves on their tree? Yah, you right. It's our house.

Our tree, our house, our front yard, has the tree with at least twice as many Spring leaves as all the other maples. Do you think the other trees are peanut butter and jelly jealous? Oh, you know they so are. And, of course, being the spiritually healthy, loving family that we are, we decided that it was because the place that we chose to make our home was naturally the highest spiritually active vibrational yard in the 'hood.

Cause we is bad ass.

And then we was not so bad ass.

Last week, the plumbing in the house was going awry. The plumber got out his drain cleaning snake thing they use, and pulled out a huge wad of tree roots. There were maple tree roots in the pipes.

Turns out, our sneaky, greedy, deceptive, gorgeous tree had infiltrated the underground pipes in the front yard. Our high-frequency, spiritual love tree was sucking up toilet water to self-fertilize. Turning poop into leaves.

So where does that leave us? Eating a good helping of spiritual humble pie.

The next shock to my system came from dear old Dad. There are four door knob sized holes on the front and back outside walls of the house, just below the eaves. Perfect size, location, and shape for our fellow birds to lay nests in. Which, those little birdies have done.

As they are perfectly formed and sized for swallows, I assumed that some previous owner was such a bird lover, that they carved these holes specifically for the baby birds and their mommas and poppas. Aww, isn't it grand and lovely when humans are so sweet, generous and kind like that? I was in love with a past owner whom I will never meet. Eternally grateful for the kind sentient being that so loved his/her fellow creature that bird nests were provided right into the structure of this place.


But then Dad had to be the spoiler. Turns out, those holes are there to air out the attic. And it gets worse. Mean, old, nasty screens should be installed over those ventilation areas to KEEP BIRDS OUT!
Can you believe the atrocity of human kind? The distorted, appalling, wicked notions of home builders? Just breaks my heart thinking about it.

But, I figure, to heck with the way things should be. I spent the better part of the morning watching a momma and pappa bird bringing wiggling worms to the open mouths of their babes. From my vantage point of the open sliding glass door, I could easily see four baby birds, mouths wide open, awaiting delivery of their morning meal. It was like the cutest thing EVER!

So there, home builders! Your desire to ventilate brought more than simple clearing of dank, smelly air from the attic. It brought me an entire morning of connecting with nature.

So maybe I am not so spiritually incorrect after all.

Heather Leigh

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