Friday, May 29, 2015

Sheep, Alpacas and Dogs

There is a website called Only In Humboldt that is so true to life here it is scary. Now that we are back living behind the Redwood Curtain (named because we are surrounded by redwood forests), it has been great fun to remember why this place is eccentric, crazy, and unique.

Today, I was driving home after dropping off my son at his 'hippy school' when confronted with a man out walking his sheep. Not herding sheep, mind you, but an older, sane-looking man with a single sheep strolling down the middle of the lane. But don't worry, his pet was leashed.

One of our favorites from a couple of years ago were the hippies who owned two alpacas. The animals lived in their yard in the middle of town. They were also leashed, for their daily walks through the town plaza. Of course, the home of the humans was painted pink with rainbow colored signs of peace, love and happiness painted in huge letters all along the outside of the house.

I guess the owners were full of love for those alpacas. When the humans moved, they left the alpacas behind, free to fend for themselves. Who knew that alpacas were so independent? Anyway, the hippies were ultra-loving. When an animal rescue organization came and took the pets to their center, the previous owners were 'happy that the alpacas found a good home'. That is so sweet, just makes me want to cry.

We see loads of hitchhikers here. Most of them on the freeway, thumbs out, hitching off the highway shoulder. We are quite curious as to who stops on a freeway to pick them up, risking a car accident and ticket from the police. But we assume one must because they keep trying for rides.

We especially like when we see those hitchers have their dogs walking with them. Most have leashes, so safely is never a concern.

My favorite in this subject was the young man I saw recently who gave up hitching and was bicycle riding on the side of the highway. That's a lot easier on his feet. I'm sure the dog he was carrying in his arm was also enjoying the ride. I wonder if that dog was leashed?

Well, I am off to walk our dog. Unfortunately, we don't live close enough to the freeway for a little jaunt along the sides of the busy highway. Hmmm, maybe tomorrow I'll drive to the sixty-five mile an hour road to walk Sydney. Sounds much more exciting than a neighborhood walk.

Heather Leigh,
Boring, safe, dog walker

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