Friday, September 4, 2015

Blogs of the Masters

Ever wonder what the great spiritual leaders would post? Like Jesus, what would he blog about? Would he talk about the peace makers, or tell people to do better at sharing Doritos, Ben and Jerry ice cream, and Lindt chocolate caramel bars. You know, the truly important stuff in life.

Would he be a Tweeter? Passing on profound life-altering quotes so often that Tweet followers would finally get annoyed and mute his posts?

How would he get people to listen to his old school ideas about mustard seed and non-judgement. Would he have to get a job, or learn how to couch surf? Who would hire Jesus? I wouldn't want to be his supervisor. He doesn't even have a social security number.

As far as I know, he ate fish. That would make him a pescadarian, not eating meat and chicken. If he got popular again, this would cause major strife with the cattle ranchers and butchers. There could be civil war again in the U.S.: meat-eaters versus vegetarians.

And what if Buddha came back? It could be kind of awkward having him and the Dalai Lama in the same room together. If they disagreed about something, it could get ugly. Actually, they are both heavy laughers. They'd post all of the practical jokes they'd play on their followers.

Buddha was the ultimate  Realist. I'll bet he would have a flood of disciples overloading the social media with his quotes. He'd have to get a pay pal account to handle his donations. Of course, the money would go to good causes. He was a nice guy.

John the Baptist would be on every campaign wagon that had to do with clean water. He sure wouldn't want stinky, radiated, sewage infused, rivers infested with fertilizers from golf courses. Trying to baptize people in polluted waters would piss him off severely.

Moses would chain himself to oil drills in the desert. He'd be doing Selfies on Face book, telling people to walk or bike to work. He liked those desert areas.

I don't know about Allah enough to have an opinion about him. But whatever he did post about, it would be some hard core, passionate blog writing.

Oh, here's a thought. Dr. Wayne Dyer just passed. His mission was unconditional love. Already knowing how to blog, he could instant message what its like on the other side. That would make for some good readings (saw him at a lecture once--he was the closest I've ever felt a person radiating unconditional love).

Please note that I am a huge fan of each of these spiritual leaders. Kind of a general groupie of the lot of them. Any jests I make are made with love, laughter, and the hope that they have a sense of humor. Certainly, if they came back in 2015 to see what we've done with this earth, they'd have to be able to laugh. Otherwise, they would simply go crazy, turn around, and go home. Wherever that may be.

Heather Leigh,
Surmiser of spirit leaders in the social media

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