Monday, August 31, 2015

Texting The First Day of School

First day of a new school for my tenth grade son. Not only is it his first day, it is his first day at a big school. The other ones have been charter schools with just over one hundred students. This one has twice that in the tenth grade alone.

So here is what I don't get. With all of the social media around, the ease with which we are constantly on our cell phones, and e-mail as addictive as chocolate covered caramels with sea salt, why am I not allowed to talk with him at school?

It should be so easy. All I'm asking for is this. I could text a little question, like how is my big guy doing on the first day of school? Made any friends yet? Teachers realize how awesome you are? Kids being polite and respectful? Who did you hang out with at lunch time? If they are future friends, will they be a good influence on you? Anyone offer you drugs?

I don't think that would be too much to ask on one text.

Then my fourteen year old could reply something to the effect of 'yes, mother. All of the kids are nice. We are studying in the library together after school. All of the teachers recognize my brilliance. Everybody likes me. Thank you, Mother, for showing an interest in my student career. I appreciate everything you have ever done for me.'

That sounds realistic, right?

Okay, maybe it sounds about as realistic as the fourth Scout And Ellie book that I have just finished the rough draft of. Probably more likely that a giraffe will move in next door to us and start dating the elephant living in the cottage in our backyard.

But if I can imagine that happening, I can tell myself that my kid would ever in a million years text me such a message.

He will be home in less than an hour. Guess I'll have to wait until then for him to tell me that school was fine, grab a bowl of cereal, and disappear into his bedroom to play video games. Any other parent out there relate to that?

Maybe I can hack into his Face book page and find out what he is posting to his friends. Then I will know what happened at school today.

Wish me luck!

Heather Leigh,
Social Media Dreamer

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