Monday, August 10, 2015

Bikes and Pooh Bear

I'm a Libra. And whether or not you believe in such things as the stars determining our personality traits, there is at least one that is so accurate it makes me squirm. I am indecisive. And it's not so much being indecisive, it's that I see all sides of an issue so clearly that choosing one is akin to me pulling out my nostril hairs with a set of tweezers. One hair at a time, it hurts.

So when my teenage sons get me into the middle of their brotherly issue, I want to run for cover in our neighbor's bomb shelter. Or at least eat a box of See's chocolate covered caramels. Probably both at the same time. At least that I am decisive about.

Tonight there was a HUGE debate over the fourteen year old going for a bike ride at dusk. The back light had been broken yesterday. The eighteen year old insisted it wasn't safe, the younger that he would ride on the bike lane with a front light in a low traffic area.

Now this is not as bad as it sounds. In our area of town, he might be passed by one or two drivers.

But then those two go back and forth with this big argument, wanting me to have the final say. How can I do this? I'm a Libra, for goodness sake. Indecision is our trademark here, people.

In the end, I called in my Mom veto. He had to work out at the gym instead. Now watch, he'll probably wind up falling off the treadmill and winding up in the emergency room. I'd never hear the end of the whole bike safety argument again.

What happened to the good old days when they argued over whether or not the Incredible Hulk is a Superhero? Now at least, most disagreements still center around DC and Marvel comic plots and characters. They haven't strayed far from their major arguing ground.

We could have a heated discussion on the need for beans and legumes in the life of the vegetarian. That I have a stance on. I'm also good with the benefit of limiting the use of adverbs, the cuteness of piglets, and that Winnie the Pooh is one of the all time best advisers for writers. See, there are things I am firm on.

But iffy subjects that change with the setting of the sun? Just count me out and go to the gym.

Heather Leigh,
Supporter of limiting adverbs in writing but don't ask me about much else.

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