Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Working on a Young Adult Novel

Working on a young adult novel is so different from picture books. In a picture book, describing the scene is only done to direct the picture; descriptions are kept to a minimal. But in a book with no pictures, words have to take on the visual aspect.

I've been enjoying, and challenged, using words to bring the reader into the world of the book characters.  What things do we notice when we walk into a new room?  What are commonalities that I can share with a reader to make him/her feel connected to the scene? How do I describe objects and situations that, so far, only I know about?  How much should I give away about the scene with out taking away from the flow of the story?...but also allows the reader to feel 'grounded' and secure.

Writing picture books and then books with out pictures is like Mars and Venus: both are planets yet we would need completely different outfits to hang out in either one.  Good thing I enjoy variety!

Heather Leigh

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