Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wild Plutonians

Today is the day that I actually share an excitement with scientists. We, as in the whole planet earth, are expecting pictures of Pluto. Rather than rush into googling to view the first human sightings of actual Plutonian footage, I wanted to take this time to get myself even more psyched by sharing a blog post with you. You know, countdown with people I can't see and don't even know to feel the earthling connection before moving on to a plutonian connection. Get it?

So, one of the things that fascinates me are the scientists who are debating whether to call Pluto a planet, not a planet, or a dwarf planet. I mean, what a thing to get worked up over! Seriously, I am not being sarcastic here. To be that into your thing, your calling, your bliss, that you are fighting as to what to call it. Talk about passion here, people. What I am really wanting to see are some Astrophysicists having sword fights or pistol duels in the honor of keeping Pluto a planet. We should be having rallies world wide on naming rights. Every voice needs to be heard on this topic!

Now, this one is a stretch. But what if, on a dimension that our earthly intelligence can't register, there is life on Pluto? Couldn't there be an energy level that our machines can't pick up in which there are is come kind of stuff going on on that distant, crazy planet. Could be true, we don't really know everything. So if there are Beings on Pluto, what would they be like? Would they have a sense of humor? BBQs? Pets? Relationship issues? Would they be cute?

What if they resembled cockroaches?

I'm betting they would have to be a little on the wild side. I mean, look at how their planet travels. It couldn't just be the circle thing like all the other planets in our solar system. It had to pick this weird oval. And it has a moon almost half its size: Charon. No, this is definitely the sign of a rebellious, wild planet.

What does that say about the different-dimension Plutonians? Does the planetary path filter down in to a more off-beat planet?

So many things to think about.

I also wonder what the ground feels like. Is it a good lounging place, with Pina Coladas and a light summer novel? Or is it rugged and I'll need to bring a survival pack where ever I travel.

Oh, are laughing that you think I couldn't hang out on Pluto? I'm not so old that our technology couldn't get humans out there before I die. Could happen. But I don't know what I'd wear.

Okay, now I feel the anticipation pumping within. I'm going to sign off and see if the Pluto pictures are on-line yet.

Woo hoo! Pluto time!

Heather Leigh,
scientific Pluto explorer at heart

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