Thursday, February 28, 2013

Everyday World Saving

I just read my friend's blog. She, Annette Makino, is an haiku poet and artist.  The article was about her 25 years spent tackling the world's problems via big organizations.  After working with NPOs and eco-friendly businesses, she decided to help humanity at a more low key, personal level, and started a business selling her haikus with heart-felt, whimsical, loving messages.  Turns out, she is still helping the world. The people buying her cards and pictures give them as presents, share them with friends, or keep them for self inspiration.  Her words and art bring joy to others.

It's a beautiful, wonderful, amazing thing to be able to make your everyday life into one that caters to the betterment of the world.  It doesn't have to be through obvious links, like NPOs or art.  The trash collector who just left with our family's weekly garbage cleared our home of unwanted stuff.  Our old dog got a warm bath last week because someone chose to set up a self-service dog wash in town--her old bones do not like cold hose bathing and our bathtub drain does not do well with dog fur.  And do I need to bring up the gracious gift of education my sons are receiving from their dedicated teachers and all of our society that comes together to make this available for them?  That one's a no brainer.  Stay-at-home parents?  Thank you for the children that you are presenting for our future.  The goodness our everyday efforts are creating is mind-boggling.

If you look deeply into what I write, you might even find that I am attempting to bring a slice of peace into the world.  But don't tell anyone; my children's picture book teacher always told us not to try to write messages in our stories. So that will be our little secret.

And here am I, being blessed with the opportunity to write entertaining stories children and teenagers.  Thank you!

Heather Leigh

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