Monday, February 11, 2013

Second Emily Book Begins

Woo hoo! I am done with the first book of my trilogy, Red Nectar, about a teen girl with dangerous telepathic powers--dangerous because the new world she lives in kills telepathics! And now that it is posted on-line, I am off to start the second one.

Yesterday I spent the morning in bed until 11 A.M. Now, it may have appeared that I was just being lazy, but in reality, I was working. My mind was busy 'downloading' the plot of the story.  What's going to happen, how they will accomplish their goal, who will do what, what challenges they will meet. The life of a writer may look like a lazy couch potato staring off into the distance, not rising from bed for hours on end, but the truth is that I am diligently working, refining my craft, honing in on what matters. It can be tiring work, but as it is work I love,  I stick with it.

The outline has been written, the mental image of what Emily goes through, and the basic underlying fairytale it will follow has been researched.

Now comes the fun part--writing!

Heather Leigh

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