Friday, February 15, 2013

Results of the Shorter Work Time

Yesterday was the second day of the ninety minute writing spurts. It really did work. After 90 minutes, I felt like my mind was starting to wander away from the story. I was not as effective. Before, I would have pushed myself to continue; missing lunch to get every moment in to write before picking up my sons from school.  But instead, I took a break.

The results were great. The dog, cats and I sat outside in the rare northwest sunshine and ate faux chicken salad.  There were red robins and sparrows in the trees to watch and listen to.  And I got some awesome ideas on how to proceed in the sequel to 'Red Nectar'.

Funny how working less is making me more effective and efficient. Maybe someday I'll even use the break time to clean my house.

No, probably not.  I don't want to get that crazy.

Heather Leigh

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