Sunday, July 28, 2013

Imagine This

When my teenaged sons were three and six years old, they got into the best argument EVER! Second only to the huge weekly warfare over whether or not The Incredible Hulk is truly a superhero.

We did not have a television in our home (we still don't--I know, it's a crazy thing) and hadn't for over a year.

One morning, the three-year-old lay on the living room floor and said to me, "Look Mommy, I'm watching TV."

Cute as bug on a rug, he was on his tummy, head held by hands on his chin, playful grin, staring at a box that did not exist in our house.

His brother ran over, stood in front of him and yelled, "I'm blocking your TV! Now you can't watch it."

Younger face crinkled in sadness and anger, screaming, "Get away from my TV! I'm watching that!"

"Ha ha! No you're not! And now I'm going to unplug your TV!"

"NOOO!!! Don't unplug my TV!"

First-born reached over to imaginary cord, and slowly, deliberately unplugged it.

"I've unplugged your TV!"

Okay, now, how, as a parent, do I get after someone for unplugging a non-existent electrical device? Especially when I am caught between laughter, and awe at the intensity of a fight over nothingness.

Parenting is a Universe unto itself. I had never in my wildest dreams imagined that one day I would have to make the needful rule that putting a cardboard box on your head and running around the house is not allowed.  Who would have thought that needed to become an actual rule?  On numerous occasions, this practice broke furniture, glassware and gave some nasty head bumps.

The TV fight only occurred once, though, so a rule was never needed. I guess the intensity of blocking even a pretend TV view was just too much for either of them to endure more than once.

Heather Leigh

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