Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Super Funky Groovalicious

Do you have something in your life that takes over your attention when you are engaged in doing it? For athletes, it's called being in the zone; when my son plays his video game called Minecraft, we say that he is in his cave; when I'm deep in a story and my children ask me a question, I will often answer twenty minutes later and have no idea that there has been more than a minute delay. There is no word or catchy phrase for what happens to me beyond  just being absorbed into the story.  Having something in your life that you are so in the zone with, that time and distractions disappear from your comprehension, is a wonderful possession to have.

Quick disclaimer: as with all brain distorting chemicals, moderation is necessary when delving into your zone.  Make your passion serve you and bring joy to your life, don't let it take over like a pushy in-law or a mountain of chocolate covered caramels with a touch of sea salt crystals.  My way to avoid writing without ignoring my children for so long that they starve, or I starve, is to set a timer.

Whatever it is that that we delve into takes us out of our routine and posts us onto a new realm.  This adds excitement and passion to our inner selves.Woo hoo! Don't we all need that sometimes? Even something as commonplace and simple as reading a good book can take us to that far away land of 'don't even try to bother me right now because I just can't hear you'.  Then, when we come back from the land of far, far away, we often feel refreshed and ready to jump back into our daily grind--but with a better attitude and more joy.

Getting out of ourselves to experience a rush of intense moments, brings us back to the nature of who we are--lovers of life!

What is the something that you have that gets your groove on? Is it caring for animals, playing peek-a-boo with your child, accounting, sipping a good hot cocoa on a rainy day with your best friend, laughing at stupid movies, writing?  The creative beauty of this world is that the possibilities are endless; as diversified as there are people on the planet.

I demand that today you partake in your out of this world enjoyment because I just did mine.

Heather Leigh

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