Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Publicly Praising Publicists

Publicist: a person who publicizes, especially a press agent or public relations consultant. That's what it means and I've just hired one.

I hired her because she is better than I am at that scary vast expanse of eSpace known as social media, can handle her way around researching and submitting Red Nectar for review, and actually enjoys promoting. I love when two careers can coalesce into a win-win situation. It follows what I believe is one of the great things about America, and other free-market societies: people can follow what they love to do for a livelihood.  We can take our creativity, our passion, and our talents and turn it into a way to make money.

The other plus is that in my paying for her services, I am supporting her in doing what she wants to do. And because she is awesome at doing her thing, I am free to do mine--write! Supporting small businesses, especially at such an intimate level, feels like I've just sent a huge hug to the Universe. Supporting one another must be good Karma!

Finally, it's also easier to have someone else promote my work. I think Red Nectar is a great story, but to tell others with out sounding like a self-absorbed spoiled princess is a fine line to walk.

I am incredibly thankful for my new publicist, Amanda Branham.  This working relationship is exploding into something bigger than either of us could do separately.

Publicize away, Amanda!

Heather Leigh

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