Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Write Time

Getting the time to write is a cliche among writers that can be applied to anyone who has only 24 hours in their day to get things done. Oh, does that include everyone on planet earth? Well, then, this message is Universal.

This morning while doing my daily meditations, it came to me I need to see writing  and selling my books as a profession or a business.  I am partaking in a start-up business feels more solid, and true, and empowering than 'how do I make money while awaiting royalty checks?'. This subtle shift in my self thought shifted away mental obstacles, giving me a sense of clarity as to what I am doing and where my focus needs to be.

The result is that I was actually out of bed before 9 A.M. on a summer morning (wow!) and after feeding screaming cats and taking our dog out for morning rituals, I made a weekly schedule of which blogs I will adhere to each day. Also, a mental promise to spend X amount of time each day writing. My desk is now clear, the animals are appeased, e-mails have been sent, my sons are sleeping, and now I know what will be done today.

Thinking of successful businesses, most began with energetic seedlings of owners with a dream and a passion for what they were doing.  Many entrepreneurs kept inventory that crowded their homes, schedules that undermined sleep and family time, and a constant networking that was once called 'knocking on doors'.  Nowadays, a lot of the work is done via computer, for which I am thankful. I get to write and post blogs that are available world wide, and Face Book many friends at once to let them know when a new children's story is available or where a book signing will be held.  I am blessed to live in an age in which my dream and passion can be followed and still leave time for spending with my family and friends.

Does anyone reading this have a career that you want to follow that you are not presently in? Is there a way to shift your thoughts and actions to make you an owner of a start-up business rather than a dreamer? Then I challenge you to do it.

But at the same time, keep being a dreamer.  Dreaming is good, too.

Heather Leigh

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