Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Day Like This

Now, I am probably the only one who has had a day like this, so I have to share my incredibly unique experience ( a creative writing teacher told me that we cannot have incredibly unique experiences--it's either unique or it is not. There is no adjective or adverb that applies to that word. So in my using the expression, you know this is truly a unique situation).

As a massage therapist, my job is physically demanding. And this is Labor Day weekend, as in it was REALLY busy. The massages I've done for the past week have become a blur in my mind of bodies and backs and sore muscles and trying to be friendly to all the clients when I am about ready to push them off the massage table and tell them it is my turn.

And so, when I got home this afternoon, I called my friend to cancel my appearance at her BBQ. My intention was to stay  home, relax, read, eat popcorn, and get to sleep early for another busy day tomorrow.  WEELLLL, as I sat on my couch, I realized that I could not relax with the living room looking so messy. So I put my things away.

Then I thought I would lie down for a bit and read, but saw that my sheets were covered in dog and cat fur. Leaving early this morning, I had forgotten to cover the bed with the spread. That translates to laundry time.

Then I remembered that my son had told me when I was at work that the toilet had overflowed. Another translation: clean bathroom floor, cat box in which toilet water and spilled into it, and get to use the new mop. Since I had all the cleaning tools out, might as well freshen up the other bathroom floor, right? Oh, and the kitchen floor as well. This process also included dumping out two cat boxes and cleaning them in the laundry room.

By now, I am really really hungry. But the kitchen is a mess. What does that translate to? You got it, clean the kitchen.

The consequences of this busy day is that my house is clean enough to tolerate, but not enough to pass any kind of inspection. But, yummy times, the kitchen can be used. This brings me great joy because now I get to cook my own dinner.

Good thing I skipped that BBQ where my friend would have cooked my meal for me and I could have sat in a chair, relaxed and met new people. Wow, I feel refreshed!

Heather Leigh

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