Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Searing Bird Questions

Ever watched a pigeon walk? They jut their heads forward with each step. So, what I have always wondered is this: if a pigeon were to have a popsicle stick tied to its neck so that it could not move its head forward, would it be able to walk?

PLEASE NOTE: This is a question to ponder. Please, please, please do not go around tying popsicle sticks to the necks of the poor little pigeons. That would be mean, and bad, bad, bad karma.

Okay, next bird question. This one will be readily understood by those of us who frequent beaches with an abundance of seagulls. How do seagulls know which bags carry Cheetos and Doritos?--because those seem to be the chip of choice. Is it the bright orange packaging? Are they not color blind? Can they smell through plastic packaging?

And is there a school in which they teach their young how to unzip backpacks, open picnic baskets, and pry open boxes of cookies? Or is this a genetic skill?

Following this discussion: Why are tourists at the beach not given a class in how to seal their food properly, in order to avoid seagull rampages while they are playing in the water? I mean, for goodness sake, Locals, those tourists are spending their money in our town.

But who am I to talk. After years of running off seagulls from tourist food pillaging, I have lowered myself to sitting back and watching the show. It is amazing to see those birds in action; how quickly they can attack and devour entire meals in mere moments.

Well, I'm not that cruel. After a while, I will send my son over to scare them away.

And now we get to the raven. Are they not the Bad Boys of the neighborhood? The way they have that strut down with their puffed up chest and bad attitude walking. I'll bet all the girl birds have a secret 'thing' for the raven.

Why do doves of peace make me feel peaceful when I see them?

Are geese and attack dogs related?

Once I saw a crane eating a baby duckling. Does this mean cranes are cannibals?

Why is it that watching turkey vultures soaring in circles in a group, evoke a calm, peaceful feeling within, when we know very well what they are about to do?  As in, they are stalking an animal about to die, and then eat the dead carcass. Yuck!

Why are pelicans so funny looking? Did they mess with the God of Jokes and Laughter before they appeared on Earth? Is he getting them back with those huge, freaky throat/chin things? They must have done something really crazy to inherit that body part.

Thank you for any information you folks can provide on my questions. Feel free to reply on my facebook if you have any answers for me.

Heather Leigh

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